The queen of candor. The pundit of punctuality. The ace of aesthetics. The pirate of professionalism…you guessed it. We ARE talking about the girl in the picture. Lesli Hill.

Lesli is a designer at HTR. She doesn’t have a nickname for her car, but she has no qualms if you do. Lesli likes thrifting and grilling things wrapped in bacon. Her well-crafted designs and chipper demeanor make her an easy gal pal to work with. Let us dig below the surface and find out what makes this lady tick.

I hear you got a new house. When are you going to invite everyone over for a party?
Yes ma’am! We’ve final made the leap, and made what some call an “adult purchase”. I’m already feeling more like a grown up. Soon I’ll be drinking hot tea and saying “I just don’t understand the music kids listen to these days.” Wait I already do that. [confirmed]. HA!…Anyway, about the party. Heck yes were having a party and everyone’s invited!! When you ask…soon, very soon.

*editor’s note: Her story checks out. There was a party. ‘Twas a fine party with fine people, food and beverages.

How many fingers and toes do you have? About how many do you use?
Well I have the usual 10, and I’d like to think I utilize all of them.

Great answer! Would you rather go a year doubling your consumption of butter or peanut butter? You get none of the other.
Hmm, tough choice. I guess I’ll go with the healthier option to consume more peanut butter. You can’t beat a good BP&J.

I think you can, but an opinion can’t technically be wrong. What is something you learned from design school that is important to you?
Be a lifetime student and never stop studying design. And CTRL-Z.

Amen sister. What is one thing/ idea /person that inspires you?

Top three design blogs: … DLF FOREVER!!!

Last good book you read:
Public Enemies

Last terrible movie you saw:
I try to avoid bad movies.

Last idea you wish you thought of first:
The spork.

Last time you called your mom:
This morning.

Great chat, Lesli. You are a treat to work with. Those appendages are lucky to have you!

Check out Lesli’s vintage Etsy shop, Smoking Buffalo.


We keep busy at HTR, hence why you don’t see blog updates everyday…

Here are a few things we’ve printed fairly recently. Check back soon-ish for more!

Every two months, Congress Clothing picks an organization to support with a percentage of sales. In May and June it was The Preemptive Love Coalition. To say “they’re up to some great things” would be a serious understatement. They are changing lives every day, and we are so excited to be a part of it. Hole in the Roof matches the gift up to $1000, so combined with Congress we were able to give $2355.84.

This is all thanks to you! Your support is much appreciated.

The Preemptive Love Coalition provides lifesaving heart surgeries to Iraqi children and facilitates hands-on training for local doctors in pursuit of peace between communities that are at odds.

The Backlog is Iraq’s enormous list of children waiting for lifesaving heart surgery. Roughly 11,000 new children are added to the list each year. In 2010 less than 1% of these children were served inside the country. Our two-week long Remedy Missions and our one-year long Remedy Fellowship exists to exponentially increase local capacity and equip Iraqi medial teams so they can eradicate the backlog by increasing heart surgeries performed in Iraq as well as hands-on training for Iraqis.

*photo by Heba Vega, humanitarian photographer in northern Iraq
*click here if you’re interested in donating directly to Preemptive Love

Hole in the Roof is a thriving small business, thanks to you. There is an exciting grant program sponsored by Chase and Living Social called ‘Mission: Small Business’. We just need 250 votes to be considered for this amazing opportunity. HTR has a lot to be proud of and we can’t wait to show off our stuff. We still need 100 votes — please take the [less than] two minutes to support this local business. Thank you!

1. Go to
2. Click “log in and support” on the bottom right.
3. Search “hole in the roof” in the business field.
4. Click support.

You aren’t getting any emails or committing to anything on Facebook. No spam. No problem. It’s as easy as it possibly could be.

Busy bumblebees we are at HTR. Spring is always a busy season, but we’ve managed to push through and come up with a wave of great new designs. These are a few recent goodies. We love the variety of projects that come through our doors everyday. Stay tuned for more!

P.S. You can get the bottom tee at Congress Clothing.

I moved to Waco in August of 2010. It took a few months to get settled, but I knew that when I did, I would need to embrace my community like my community embraced me.

In college I always made the excuse that I didn’t have the time or energy to give back. I was a design student. No one understood how hard I worked and exhausted I was (this is what I told myself). I managed to make time for parties and dates but not so much for service.

Investing in the not-me-world seemed more distant than Narnia, but less distant than impossible. The only way I knew it was possible was because other people already found the balance. How did they have time to make care packages for troops overseas? How did these people with kids and jobs and strange cooking behaviors have time to serve breakfast to their brothers at the soup kitchen? They obviously had a lot of time on their hands.

Waco is chock full of selfless people and wonderful organizations: Jesus Said Love, Mission Waco, Waco Arts Initiative, etc. I didn’t know where to start. I already felt overwhelmed with my own life in transition. I wanted to pick the perfect cause; something that wouldn’t allow me to fail. Perfectionism crippled me from moving in any direction. Eventually I realized that if I didn’t have time to give back, then no one had the time. I was single and fresh out of college. If I waited to find the perfect gig, I would never start.

It has been a little over a year since Madison and I have been matched with Big Brothers Big Sister. She is a bright 11-year-old who loves animals, running and Justin Bieber. I love crafts, lounging and talk radio. We work well together. When I hang out with Madison, I get to play. We go to the zoo and eat ice cream. I get paint and cookie dough on my shirt when she gets paint and cookie dough on her shirt (I fail as adult). We hang out for a couple of hours every weekend that I’m in town. Only four hours are required each month, but it is easy to make time. Sometimes I have no idea what I’m doing. I get lazy and selfish. I am surprised by how little I know about fourth grade. I was just there fourteen years ago.

When my friend Cory takes time to hear my woes on our periodic phone dates, it means the world to me. She continually pours into me and invests like I’m the only person who matters. If Cory’s time means this much to me at age 24, I can’t imagine what that is like for an impressionable child.

The hardest part about Big Brothers Big Sisters was starting. Not every organization is right for everybody at every time. I encourage everyone to do something. Just say yes and figure it out later. 2011 went by faster than cookies in the work break room. It could have come and gone without looking much different.

Don’t let indecisiveness cripple you into doing nothing. My friendship with Madison is so rich, but I wouldn’t have known what I was missing out on if I never dove in.

— Becky

Don’t forget about Congress Clothing this holiday season!  As you gallivant around Waco searching for the perfect something for the perfect person, stop by and enjoy our plethora of options. Not just shirts anymore, folks!

1. GO BEARS tee, designed by our very talented Ryan. This is perfect for anyone who likes basketball games, grass green, or generally looking awesome. $24.49

2. Even the kiddos like to represent Waco. Get your tot this classy top for just $14.99

3. 31 Bits jewelry. Made with 100% recycled paper and 110% love (we assume) by women in Northern Uganda. This is great for the stylish gal with a conscience. $10-$28

4. Toms! We dare you to argue with this pick. $44

5. Texas BU wall art via Sticker Universe. What do you get for the man or woman who has everything? This! $99.99

6. The Waco love doesn’t get old. Not now. Not ever. This rustic wood plaque is the bees knees boasting the legendary 254. Even more designs available in store. $58.99

7. Still into ethical consumerism? Very cool. These fashionABLE scarves help rehabilitate women in Africa. Assorted prints and prices. $32

Greetings Texans and others!

This is the first installment of the HTR-Down-to-Party interview sessions. It is here that you will get to know the soul behind your designers and sales reps and anyone else who helps to make the magic happen. Our first subject is Harrison Connally. Harristotle has been with Hole in the Roof for three years!

Let’s see what he’s up to…harristotle

Hi Harrison. My name is Becky Murphy and I will be conducting a short interview with you so all of our fans can get to know you a little better. First things first: if you were a cat, what life would you currently be on?

One and a half.

Very cool. How long have you been at HTR? What hats have you worn here?

Long enough to know what I’m doing but just barely. I wear no hats because 1) I’m not 34 and balding and 2) I have accepted the fact that every day is a bad hair day.

So I take it you don’t want to talk about the fact that you were a shirt guy and now you’re a graphic designer turned caricature artist? That’s fine. I’ll move on.

Oh that’s what you meant by the hat question… I see.

What kind of design makes you tick?

The kind that makes you say “Oh I could do that…but didn’t.”

I concur. What fad is extinct that you wish you could bring back to life?

Camo bow ties…

WA-RONG! The correct answer is Giga Pets.

What celebrity do you think you’re most compatible with? While you’re at it, what would you title your autobiography?

She would be a mix of Destiny’s Child, Madonna’s wild style, and Janet Jackson’s smile. My autobiography would be titled Hmm?

Good luck with all of those things, Harrison. I truly hope that lady you just made up will be in Hmmm? someday. What is something most people don’t know about Waco that you want to scream from the top of a mountain?

Its got nice sushi.

Oh…okay. I’m glad I didn’t talk to you when I moved here last August. Woof. What is your favorite design blog?

Designspiration fo sho.

 Do you subscribe to any magazines?

No…I have an iPad. Don’t hate.

Don’t worry, I do. If you were stranded on an island, who is the person from the office you would bring with you?


Just kidding. Don’t answer that. Unless it’s Joel. Then he might give you a raise. Last question: if Kanye were to read this blog post, what would you want him to know about you?

He has issues.

One more: do you forgive him for what he did to Taylor Swift at the VMAs a couple of years ago?

Only Jesus can forgive…So maybe?

It was a treat talking to you, Harrison. Best of luck with hmmmm?, your destiny’s child, and any camo bow ties you haven’t gotten to wear in a while.

Swing by soon to see more inspiration and other such goodies here from the heart of the heart of Texas (that’s Hole in the Roof).

By: Becky Murphy – HTR Graphic Designer

Cool clients, cool ideas, and cool projects are what make the world go round. I had the lovely opportunity to team up with my friend Andy from the Windy City for their first-time-limited-edition Pop’stache tees.


A little back story about these guys:

Pop’stache is an online arsenal for album reviews, concert photography and awesomeness altogether. They’re pretty new to the scene, but they have been around the block and have been making quite a name for themselves. I got to hang with them when they visited Austin the last couple rounds of music festivals. The guys were even sporting their new HTR threads (well, one of them was). If you like all things music and mayhem, check them out here.

On another note about Pop’Stache, “This Must Be the Fan” is their new Kickstarter project that has already raised several thousand dollars for their latest gig.

The ultra-visionary, Andy Keil, is heading the project. The team’s goal is to “redefine coverage of a live show”. They’re taking special interest in getting to know the culture of the fan. A number of photojournalists and writers are releasing  a print publication featuring the new insight into this year’s SXSW. Whether you were or were not in Austin for the groove fest, I have a feeling you won’t want to miss Pop’Stache’s coverage. Support their Kickstarter project here.